Ristorante Riviera - terms and conditions
Welcome at Riviera!

Welcome at Riviera!

  • booking

    To ensure a quality of service to you and other Guests, we kindly ask you to respect as much as possible the time of booking. Please contact us if any inconvenience or late arrival: we keep a booking for 10 minutes..

  • Position

    weather and table position

    All our tables -under weather conditions- are outside​ and near ​to the Canal de la Giudecca (otherwise in one of the two large rooms inside), but anyway we can assure only the booking, but not the table position. Can you please consider that? Thank you!

  • Credit Card

    A necessary inconvenience

    Because a too long list (14%) no shows leaving 'empty booked tables', in order to guarantee your booking, our process required for any booking, and as value of confirmation of your booking, a deposit by credit card of 50,00€ for each Guest: this is a deposit (you don't pay anything) and it will be not cashed (nothing will be charged) if you cancel at least 3 hours before your arrival time. We really apologize for this inconvenience, but that is the only solution against the rudeness of few fellows.


    How contact us to cancel a reservation.

    You can cancel a reservation by sending an email to rivieravenexia@gmail.com. Nothing will be charged if you cancel at least 3 hours before your arrival time.

  • Childs

    We love child...

    ...but we also love a quiet dining room. If you do decide to bring your children, we ask that you make sure they respect the other Guests. We are happy to prepare a simple child's meal.

  • Dress code

    A comfortable place

    Many Guests ask us about a dress code: I can only ask to respect others Guests, especially for dinner, with a correct one (no slippers, men's shorts...), and thank you for your delicate attention!